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 B2B Customer Portal Software

Customer Portal

Customer Web Portal for product availibility inquiry and order entry



B2C Storefront Software 

B2C Storefront

Online storefront for shopping cart orders from consumers



 Mobile Point of Sale Software

Point of Sale

Check availability and order product in real time from hand held devices



 Online Payment Software

Online Payment

Securely process customer payment information for orders and invoices





  TEKOA integrator

Connect Your ERP to TEKOA Commerce Suite

Connect The Dots with TEKOA Integrator.  Seamlessly connect a variety of ERP, Inventory or Fulfillment software with any of the TEKOA Commerce Suite solutions.  Automatically pass data from online sales into your business management software.  Prevent double entry of data and increase accuracy of orders with TEKOA Ingegrator.

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Online Commerce Is More Than an Accessory

In today's global marketplace, the agile business is incorporating online commerce into the customer experiece across the board.  From simple online inventory inquiry to order processing and fulfillment notification, having the entire selling workflow visible to the Customer has become the norm, not the exception.

Businesses that leverage the online Customer contact methodology experience higher Customer satisfaction, better marketing results and more return buyers. 

TEKOA Commerce Suite is a full featured suite of online commerce SaaS software solutions that take your enterprise into online commerce with a complete and robust central solution for B2B, B2C, Mobile Point of Sale and Online Payment Processing.

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Business Management Software for Today's Enteprise

Manage Accounting, CRM, Inventory, Production and more for your business with one central system.  TEKOA ERP is a SaaS Cloud application for today's agile enterprise.

TEKOA ERP and TEKOA Commerce work together to provide a single and seamless sales and fulfillment software solution.

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TEKOA Commerce Suite - PROMO

TEKOA Commerce Suite for Sage 100

Open new sales opportunites and increase customer retention and satisfaction when you implement TEKOA Commerce Suite for your Sage 100 installation.  Using state of the art REST API technology TEKOA seamlessly integrates with Sage 100.  Connect The Dots with TEKOA and grow your enterprise with TEKOA Commerce Suite for Sage 100.

Commerce Suite for Sage 100  |  TEKOA Custom Web Integration for Sage 100



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